4 Key Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Walking or doing other movements in a pool allows for greater flexibility.

Did you know Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is one of the few physical therapy clinics in the area that has a heated therapy pool? Aquatic therapy is a safe and effective method for reducing or eliminating pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle strains, and joint pain. Here are four reasons we recommend physical therapy in an aquatic environment:

1. Less Painful Movement

On dry land you might have trouble walking or doing other movements without pain, but in a pool, buoyancy reduces the effects of gravity, allowing for greater flexibility. In addition, the heated water (86-88 degrees) helps to relax sore, tight muscles.

2. Increased Muscle Strength

The resistance of the water is many times that of air so while you move through the water you are increasing your muscular strength.

Aquatic Therapy In Red Bluff California

The resistance of the water helps increase your muscular strength.

3. Greater Flexibility and Circulation

That warm water we mentioned above helps loosen up muscles allowing for a range of motion you might not be able to achieve on dry land. This increased flexibility, in turn, helps promote better blood circulation to the injured and painful areas of your body.

4. Improved Body Awareness/Balance

Individuals who have issues with falling (the elderly, those with vertigo or dizziness) can find some relief in the water as they exercise without the fear of injury.

Our Aquatic Therapy program at Physical Therapy and Wellness Center consists of supervised exercises customized for your level and ability. The ability to swim is not necessary.

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