Benefits Of Good Posture

Benefits Of Good Posture

3 Undeniably Great Reasons to Improve Your Posture

Did you know that improving your posture even a little bit can significantly boost how you feel, how you function and improve your overall health? It’s true. Read more here and download the flyer at the bottom to help you get started feeling and looking better today.

1. Avoid Health Complications: Poor posture causes additional pressure on your muscles, joints and ligaments which results in fatigue and muscular strain. Over time someone with poor posture is at risk of pain in their muscles, discs and joints which can become debilitating with age. Poor posture can even cause pain in the abdominal region due to affecting the function of vital organs in that area.

2. Look Better: Posture is a non-verbal element of communication. Good posture contributes to exuding more confidence, appearing taller, more fit and even smarter.

3. Breathe Easier: Imagine trying to blow up a balloon that someone was gripping in their hand–you probably wouldn’t be able to get much air in there, right? Same goes for your lungs. When you slouch or hunch over your lungs are made smaller and therefore don’t allow as much air in so you breathe more shallow than you would otherwise. Shallow breathing equates to less oxygen going into your body which results in fatigue. Sit up and you’ll find you have more energy and be able to expand your lungs more comfortably.

Practicing Good PostureSo how can you improve your posture? Click here for a flyer that offers easy tips on how to maintain good posture while at your desk, in your car and carrying heavy objects. Print it out and keep at your desk or stick it to your fridge. Follow these suggestions and you’ll be walking tall in no time!

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