Tammy’s Leg Injury Therapy

Post Surgical Therapy In Red Bluff

Tammy is enjoying her physical therapy as she recovers from a leg injury.

Tammy’s Story: Physical Therapy and Wellness Center Heals the Body and Soul

When Tammy awoke from a routine surgical procedure in October 2015, she realized fairly quickly that she was unable to lift her left leg from the bed. Upon examination and further diagnostics by her physician she found out that her femoral nerve in her thigh had sustained an injury, resulting in significant weakness of her quadriceps and hip flexors.

She immediately began in-home therapy and saw some success, going from severe weakness to limited movement against gravity. In December she showed enough progress to begin clinic-based physical therapy. Her previous physical therapist recommended Physical Therapy & Wellness Center so Tammy joined and began working with Ed and Kyle–and she’s so glad she did!

By January, Tammy had moved from a walker to a leg brace which allowed her to go back to work. Even with the progress she’s had she still sometimes feels low: “Last month I felt as though I’d never get better. I’m a pretty positive person and try not to let things get me down but Ed could tell right away when I walked in for my appointment. He showed so much compassion and really helped me feel better. The whole team is keeping me positive and helping me stay excited about my future.”

Leg Injury Treatment In Red Bluff

Tammy looks forward to doing the activities she used to do before the injury such as golf and softball.

When Tammy was introduced to the therapy pool, she began to enjoy her therapy even more. “The pool made a huge difference to me-in the water I can actually walk normally. It feels great to do therapy in there and there aren’t any physical therapy clinics around that have that amenity.”

Tammy looks forward to doing the activities she used to do before the injury such as golf and softball, but even more so, she looks forward to playing with her grandkids again. “Sometimes I feel as though my life is on hold but I cannot thank the entire team at Physical Therapy and Wellness enough for helping heal my body and my soul–they are truly a blessing.”

If you suffer from a debilitating injury let us help you heal. Contact Physical Therapy and Wellness Center today and make an appointment to be seen.

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