Physical Therapy For Weight Loss

Physical Therapy For Weight Loss

Physical Therapy isn’t only for injury recovery.

Are you having trouble losing weight? Are you often tired and feel sluggish? Do you have aches and pain in your joints? Do you try to lose weight only to give up a few days later because it feels too difficult?

Many people assume that they would only ever need to see a physical therapist if they are recovering from an injury. However, physical therapists are experts at how a body moves and can provide a realistic and beneficial exercise strategy to support weight loss goals.

At Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, a physical therapist will evaluate the specifics about your body, determine problem areas and work with you to design an exercise routine specific to your needs and body type. Our objective is to create a safe and effective exercise program that will actually leave you feeling energized after a workout.

For more details about how we can support your weight loss goals or to set up an initial evaluation, please call us today at 530.529.3636.

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