Stair Climbing For Exercise

Stair Climbing For Exercise

Stair Climbing is free exercise and can be done right in your home!

2 Super Easy and Free Exercises to Start Getting you in Shape Right Now Without Leaving your House!

So you still haven’t done anything yet about that New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? That’s ok, there’s still time to start! We’re just about halfway through the year (July 1 is the mid-way point) and you can get started on improving your fitness level right now without leaving your home! Here’s how:

Stair Climbing

If you have a full set of stairs inside or outside your home, get up right now and go walk up and down them several times. Always hold the handrail and use slow, controlled movement. Going downstairs puts a lot pressure on the knees so if necessary, slow down even more when going down. And (literally) watch your step as you walk. If you’re a beginner, try going up and down 2 times each. If you have more experience and no injuries try it 4 or 5 times and gradually increase that number every few days if you are feeling well.

Step-Up Exercise

If you have steps going up to your front or back porch, or somewhere near your home, you can do a modified version of the Step-Up exercise.


If you have steps going up to your front or back porch, you can do a modified version of the Step-Up exercise which are often done in aerobic classes on wooden or plastic boxes.

  • To start, place your entire right foot onto the stair. Press through your right heel as you step onto the stair, bringing you left foot to meet your right so you are standing with both feet on the step.
  • Return to the starting position by stepping down with the right foot and then the left so both feet are on the floor.
  • Complete 10 step-ups leading with the right foot and then repeat another 10 steps leading with the left foot. Maintain a rhythm that you can withstand through several sets of 10. Feel free to give yourself a rest or slow down if you become too winded or fatigued.

These are great exercises that anyone can do at home at anytime of the day. Just remember to start off slow, hold onto that handrail and pay attention to your breathing–you should be able to inhale deeply and exhale fully throughout these exercises. Try doing these at least once a day, gradually building up your repetitions or flights of stairs and see if you aren’t feeling even better about your fitness in just a few weeks time!

Aerobic Stair Stepper

Aerobic Stair Stepper

Aerobic Stair Stepper

If you don’t have any stairs in or around your house you can purchase a great aerobic stair stepper here: benefit: you can put it in front of your TV and step up and down to your favorite TV show!)

These exercises will benefit:

  • Your heart and lungs (great cardiovascular benefits!)
  • Gluteus Maximus (butt)
  • Quadriceps (front of thigh)
  • Hamstrings (back of thigh)
  • Some calf, and inner and out thigh as well

If you have an injury in your lower body, please contact us to set up an appointment for an examination before trying these exercises.

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